Inclined Platform Lifts

Inclined Platform Lifts

A practical and effective option for wheelchair accessibility up and down stairs without getting out of your wheelchair can be acheived through the use of Inclined Platform Lift systems.

BILD offers quality IPL systems for both straight and curved staircases through premier manufacturers such as Savaria-Concord and Harmar.

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Harmar Sierra IPL system

Beautifully engineered, energy efficient and reliable, the Harmar Sierra provides one of the most affordable and practical inclined platform lifts available. 

This system permits straight entry or 90 degree turn platforms for varied access options. 

Entry hall with stairway and front door.

Savaria Concord

Savaria provides another option for situations that require a curved platform stairlift system. The Curved IPL permits wheelchair access for wheelchair users in home and public settings.  The advanced system permits turns to wind around stairways for a single user to go up and down multiple flights of stairs.