Hoyers & Floor Lifts

Hoyers & Floor Lifts

When considering portable transfer devices, turn to BILD's offers of sales and equipment rentals to meet your needs for homes and facilities.  We provide power hoyer lift systems and portable standing lifts that can be the answer you're seeking for assisted mobility.

Sara Stedy

• For individuals who can come to standing but have difficulty pivoting or low endurance

• Fits through narrow bathroom doorways

• Easy transfer device for toileting assist

A standing lift system appropriate for the individual who can stand up on their own but has limited endurance.  The individual may come to standing on a platform base and is assisted by an attendant to be transferred into the bathroom. Holding onto the system and sitting on the back paddles, the individual may be assisted through narrow entryways and up to the toilet.


Power Hoyers

• High weight capacity systems

• Can be used for floor transfers and for ambulation

• Easier for caregiver management/assist

BILD provides power hoyer lift options with individualized slings and configurations. Used for transfers and guiding during walking activities, our power hoyers make it much easier for a single caregiver to assist with patient transfers.  BILD offers a number of different options, including the Arjo Maxi-Move, bariatric hoyers, and American made hoyer systems.


Power Standing Lifts

• Promotes weight bearing

• Easier assistance for toileting

• Safe and simple transfer assistance for those who prefer standing