Milwaukee and Chicago's preferred home elevator provider for RAM manufacturing, Concord Savaria, and Harmar, we offer many options for access and can meet your home or community needs.  Our experienced & licensed elevator mechanics and factory trained and certified elevator technicians will install and service your home or commercial elevator.  We offer a variety of choices to meet your needs, using only the highest quality systems available.  We offer extended warranties and service plans for peace of mind.BILD is the only company in Milwaukee and Chicago that installs both the lift and hoistway without use of subcontractors.

This means superior quality and value for you.  Elevator cabs are completely customizable, allowing your new elevator system to compliment your home decor.

Our unique, integrated approach and consultations with our clients, project managers, and tradesmen produce exceptional attention to detail and ensure your safety and independence.

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Crystal Elevator by RAM manufacturing

The industry-standard Crystal Elevator’s high quality traction drive systems offer the finest engineered system available. This is our premier elevator product which is available for homes, commercial property, and LULA. The traction drive system is modeled after high rise industrial elevator systems but adapted in design for home use: more quiet, safe, efficient, and reliable.

BILD is a factory preferred installer of Crystal elevator systems, the best designed system available today for home and commercial elevator use. 

Elevator Features

Savaria Elevators

Quality and trusted solutions for home, commercial property, and LULASavaria-Concord has a long-standing tradition and reputation for quality and reliability in both residential and commercial settings.  They offer another time-tested and proven line of home elevator systems with customizable and extended warranties available.

Savaria Infinity

The Infinity elevator hydraulic drive system is an industry standard.  The system is time-tested for reliability, durability, high quality, and value.  This elevator is a high quality and cost-effective solution for your home elevator needs.

Savaria Eclipse

The Eclipse provides a chain drive system that requires less space than other traditional elevators.  The Eclipse is another reliable and value-driven quality system to meet your needs.

Savaria Telecab

A unique space saving design from Savaria that requires no machine room, no hoistway, and no pit.  This hydraulic drive system permits maximal use of space above the lift as you can preserve floorspace when the lift is on the lower level.  Safety sensors benath the upper level of the cap ensure that the lift will not operate unless the upper flooring is clear.