Custom Safety Gates

Gatekeepers: Custom Design with Safety in Mind

Gatekeepers Custom Safety Gates by BILD

Gatekeeper's safety gates installed by BILD provide beauty, comfort, security and peace of mind for your home. These systems are strong, durable, and beautiful. They have passed the ASTM F1004 performance test to withstand forces of at least 500 pounds.

There are different gate styles and applications available to meet your specific needs and the gates can be finished to compliment your existing decor. See images below for examples of previously installed gates:

The high quality hardware is designed with an easy to use but hidden mechanism to release the gates that are blocked which only swing outward away from the stairway.

Gatekeepers are available in a variety of wood-types including oak, maple and cherry. These high quality systems can be custom stained and custom measured to fit to your home's specifications.

Sliding hinge mechanism allows gates to be easily removed when not in use

?Available with Isolanté,? a scratch-free polyur-ethane finish ideal for households with pets