Transfer Assistance

BILD offers a variety of lift system devices, slings and harnesses to meet your individual needs. Our transfer lifts can dramatically improve the ease and safety of transfers.  Benefits of these devices include: conservation of space, improved safety and security for the individual being assisted, greater safety and ease for the caregiver, and a reduction in the number of persons required to assist with transfers. Lift systems make it easier to position an individual in his or her wheelchair, and with standing harnessess can also assist with therapeutic standing or exercise activities in the home.

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Our accessibility specialists who have experience as occupational and physical therapists offer the unique service to train you and optimize the use of your transfer device to your greatest advantage.

Our veteran carpenters have undergone the most rigorous training available to ensure your safety. We additionally provide comprehensive installation including finish carpentry, drywall and painting work serviced all by our own experienced craftsmen.

Ceiling Lifts

Ceiling lift systems are an efficient and cost-effective solution for caregiver and independent transfers. Standard and custom slings are available to facilitate the patient's routine, from bath and wheelchair transferring to toileting and assisted walking - all with minimal exertion from the caregiver.

Hoyers & Floor Lifts

Hoyers and sit-to-stand lifts allow caregivers to safely handle patients and transfer them between rooms. While hoyers require no active effort from the patient, sit-to-stand lifts are for patients with limited upper body strength and dexterity. Lifts can be manual or battery-powered. 

Ceiling Lift Slings

Ceiling lift slings are designed for every routine of the patient: bed to chair transfer, toileting, assisted standing/walking, re-positioning on bed, bathing, and general applications. Incredibly, there is even a harness for self-transfers - no caregiver required!

– Highly trained and factory certified technicians are ready to install, maintain and service your lift.

– Interior designer and project manager work in-house to provide intelligent and aesthetic designs for your home remodeling needs. 

– Our trained accessibility specialists (who are practicing physical & occupational therapists) will help you with strategic planning and safe use of equipment. 

– BILD is an authorized dealer for Arjo HuntleighHarmar, Prism/Waverly Glen and other industry-leading brands. We provide options for the highest quality products for your home accessibility needs.

We provide alternative transfer devices: electric hoyersmechanical floor lifts, and other transfer devices that may help meet your needs.

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