Ceiling Lifts

Ceiling Lifts

Ceiling lift systems are an efficient and cost-effective solution for caregiver and independent transfers. Standard and custom slings are available to facilitate the patient's routine, from bath and wheelchair transferring to toileting and assisted walking - all with minimal exertion from the caregiver.

The use of a ceiling lift system can eliminate the need for costly bathroom remodeling and allow for safer and more independent transfers to and from the bed and bathroom areas. Custom configurations can route the track system throughout the home or cover virtually any point in a single room.

  • Freestanding track
  • P-300 Portable Ceiling Lift
  • Direct-mounted track
  • P-600 Portable Ceiling Lift
  • Drop-mounted track
  • C-450 Fixed Ceiling Lift

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"I can rinse him and then take him over to the chair very, very easily. I just move the motor out here to finish drying him from the bath. So it’s no problem ever to give him a bath... He couldn’t have a bath if we had to depend on the Hoyer because there’s no way that the Hoyer could ever go into the bathroom. So when we have aides coming in, they say, “We wish we had this in the other homes when we have to transfer someone."

- Darlene E.

Portable Ceiling Lift Tracks

Ceiling lift systems that you can travel with - portable and light weight - can be found among BILD's quality lineup of assisted mobility solutions.  Portable ceiling lift systems are easy to set up and take down, feature simple operation, use rechargeable and reliable battery power, and provide for easy lifting in the home or with traveling.

  •   Quick, light, and easy to assemble
  •   Better for patient safety

The portable lift system can be configured for the bedroom or bathroom and bathtub.

In addition, BILD offers more options with affordable pricing starting at $2000.

BILD also offers experienced physical and occupational therapists trained in harness selection, and proper strategies for use of the ceiling lift systems.  We can instruct you in use of a standing harness or walking with a body weight support system.

We perform factory certified and trained installation of ceiling lift systems, in addition to the drywall, carpentry, trim work and finishing to make your home look beautiful with completion of the installation.

BILD is a certified installer for multiple ceiling lift manufacturers and can assist you with the installation  or service needs of Prism, Waverly Glen, Arjo, BHM, or Liko ceiling lift systems.

Please call our lift specialists today for a free consultation on the many assisted transfer options available to you. Only BILD offers the most highly trained accessibility specialists (CAPS, CEAC, ECHM certified) who have backgrounds as experienced occupational and physical therapists. On top of that, we are national experts who teach accessibility professionals on the topic of remodeling and accessibility options. Our unique, integrated approach and consultations with our clients, project managers, and tradesmen produce exceptional attention to detail and ensure your safety and independence.