Toilet, Tub, Shower Transfers

Toilet, Tub, Shower Transfers

Showerbuddy Transfer Seat

Showerbuddy transfers system offers an option for wheelchair accessibility without the need for bathroom remodeling.  Showerbuddy transfer chairs offers one of the most comfortable and customizable rolling chair options which can assist with getting into and out of narrow doorways for bathroom cares.  The shower chair systems can roll over the toilet for toileting and can interface with a gliding mechanism so it can glide over the bathtub or walk-in shower for accessible bathing.

The Showerbuddy system uniquely offers options including:  lateral supports, headrest support, tilt-in-space positioning, and air cushion with cutout for skin protection.


PVC tub and toilet transfer systems present a unique option for accessible bathing and toileting that does not require bathroom renovations.  Advantages of the duraglide system include:

  • System access to the entire bathroom
  • Upright and recline options available for seat
  • No-rust PVC is durable and long lasting
  • Infinite adjustment leg heights
  • Bedside commode option
  • Easy glide seat over shower base
  • Narrow rolling chair width for bathroom doorways.
  • The rolling shower chair (which provides a bucket commode option) connects with the tub base frame.  After easily locking into place the seat easily glides into the tub.  Posing an easy transition for easy caregiver assistance.
  • Customized options available