Bathroom Accessibility

Bathroom Accessibility

Independence in the bathroom is one of the most challenging tasks for independence and safety in the home. BILD offers a variety of bathroom modifications to minimize risks and ensure your peace of mind.

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Having the regions most highly trained accessibility specialists who are physical and occupational therapists ensures that you will find the best solutions to fit your needs.

Our experienced tradesmen and designers help you to maintain a beautiful bathroom as well. We provide options to help you to achieve safety and independence while using only the highest quality products.

Grab Bars

Grab Bars help prevent falls in the bathroom, the highest risk area of the home. They can be placed anywhere and serve multiple functions. Popular brands feature vinyl coated surfaces that are warm to the touch, in addition to stainless steel bars that double as bathroom fixtures. 

Barrier-Free Showers

Barrier-free entries create easy walk-in or roll-in access. Tile or fiberglass surrounds can be chosen depending on needs. Different options to contain water include sloped flooring, linear drain systems, weighted shower curtains or flexible, rubber water barriers. 

Tub Cut Outs

Tub Cut Outs are an inexpensive option to make the existing tub accessible. This may be performed with any material: fiberglass, steel or cast iron. A removable door is added to keep water in. 

Walk In Tubs

A walk in tub is designed for scooting transfers or use of floor transfer lifts. Unlike a standard bathtub, a walk in tub has an integrated seat, doorway entrance and hydrotherapy options like air-jets and whirlpools, in addition to heated seats for comfort. 

Shower/Bath Transfer Systems

The purpose of a shower/bath transfer system is to provide access without remodeling. Customizable with straps and lateral supports, they can have optional tilt or recline features. The track system passes over the tub barrier, and the chair can be wheeled over to the toilet where there's an integrated commode opening. A commode pan insert is also available.

Bathtub Lifts

Battery-operated bathtub lifts mechanically lower the user into the tub and lift them up to sitting. Lifts come with varied heights and weight capacities and are water-safe.

– Highly trained and factory certified technicians are ready to install, maintain and service your lift.

– Interior designer and project manager work in-house to provide intelligent and aesthetic designs for your home remodeling needs. 

– Our trained accessibility specialists (who are practicing physical & occupational therapists) will help you with strategic planning and safe use of equipment. 

– BILD is an authorized dealer for Arjo HuntleighHarmar, Prism/Waverly Glen and other industry-leading brands. We provide options for the highest quality products for your home accessibility needs.