Grab Bars

Grab Bars

Colored Grab bars

Ponte Giulio’s Contractor Series line was developed to provide a luxury product with an affordable price. All Contractor Series products are manufactured with a zinc plated steel core, coated in vinyl and all designed to be compliant with ADA regulations. 

Vinyl coating is unique to grab bars because it's warm to the touch, non-slip, custom colored, anti-bacterial and environmentally-friendly.

The steel core provides an ADA-rated 400 lb vertical weight capacity. Flanges are rounded and no screws are visible after installation. Ponte Giulio is providing this line as a cost-effective solution to a safe, non-institutional environment in the home. Comes with lifetime warranty.

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Multi-functional grab bars

Grabcessories provides strong, safe, and stylish grab bars to prevent falls and enhance independent living. Many varieties are available, including Polished Chrome and Oil Rubbed Bronze, as well as 2-in-1 styles that secure your existing fixtures with grab bars (e.g. grab bar + paper holder, towel bar, towel shelf, tub spout/shower valve).  The value of this is apparent: no one plans a fall, and so it is important to secure all keys areas of the bathroom. With all these options, Grabcessories’ grab bars can complete your entire bathroom and match any existing decor.

Fold down rails

Fold down rails offer safety and security for the bathroom and will flip up out of the way to allow space. Ponte Giulio provides an accessory toilet paper holder for the rails. Come and see one at our Showroom!

Security poles

Security poles with curved grabs are another option for safely navigating rooms. Floor-to-ceiling poles are non-permanent options that are easy to install and remove.  The integrated grab bar rotates and locks every 45 degrees.