For our workers and our customers:

We will connect our clients to community resources that will help to increase their independence and seek out any additional funding/resources that are available.

We will treat our clients with the respect, fairness, honesty, and dignity that they deserve. We will meet their needs small or big with unmatched expertise.

We will treat our client’s homes better than our most prized possessions.

We will be a trusted and safe resource for our clients by: listening to their needs, providing guidance to identify and overcome both current and future obstacles, and providing solutions and choices to meet their needs.

We will follow up after changes and interventions have been implemented to ensure that the needs of our clients have been met and are continuing to be met.

These improvements will help enrich the quality of life of our clients for many years. They will also compliment or improve the beauty of their homes.

Five principals will guide our treatment and approach to our workers as well as to our customers. Those principals are as below.

1-Respect – We will always treat each other with dignity and respect.
2-Quality – We will provide craftsmanship of the highest possible quality.
3-Timeliness – We will be punctual and dependable.
4-Integrity/Honesty – We will be open and honest with each other.
5-Communication – We will strive for open and honest communication.