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Stairlifts are a popular and cost-effective solution for independent home living. 

Wheelchair Ramps

Ramps provide wheelchair access into the home. Designs range from custom wood to modular aluminum.

Ceiling Lifts

Ceiling Lifts are a safe, easy and versatile way to transfer patients from bed, toilet, wheelchair, bath and between rooms. 

Grab Bars

Grab Bars help prevent falls in the bathroom, the highest risk area of the home. 

Mobile Transfer Lifts

Hoyers and Sit-to-Stand Lifts provide mobile transfer assistance for caregivers and their patients. 

Barrier-Free Showers

Barrier-free entries open up the shower for wheelchair users and those struggling to cross the tub barrier.

The Region’s Leader in Accessibility

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We are Nationally Recognized leaders in accessibility, having instructed thousands of professionals on accessible modifications and solutions for Universal Design.

BILD combines the expertise of Physical/Occupational Therapists  and accessibility experts, along with our interior designer and installers, to bring solutions for independence.

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